Top Customer Support

At Seasalt & Co. you can expect the best support with prompt responses and solutions.

High Quality

At Seasalt & Co. we spend countless hours developing the best tools for our users. Our workflow tools go through rigorous testing phases to ensure the best results for our users. Every one of our Action collections are developed so that you have full control over every aspect of each action providing you the flexibility to experiment for endless creativity. Unlike other designers, our actions are built with the fewest steps as possible for optimization, thus allowing you to speed up your workflow. Our artistic enhancing tools are able to compliment all genres of photography as well as evoke an emotional response from your viewers. Our collections are also compatible for Photoshop Elements Users (please check each product for which PSE program it is compatible for.) For PSE users using older versions of PSE (7-10), we specifically make sure our actions won't scatter and are available for ease of use.


We believe in our products so much that we offer many ways you can save on our products; from Seasalt Reward Points to our Waves of Love Refer a Friend program. Everyone deserves high quality on any budget!